Elder Wendell Fleetwood answered the call to pastor Kingdom Word Ministries, Inc. Elder Fleetwood was born in Paterson, NJ to the Late Wendell Fleetwood, Sr. and Mother Mary Fleetwood. The Fleetwood family was introduced to an apostolic church by Elder and Mother Carr when he was about 10 years old. At the age of 13 years old, Elder Fleetwood was baptized in Jesus name and also received the gift of the Holy Ghost. Elder Wendell Fleetwood came up the ranks in the church as a brother where he served in ministry approximately 4 years at The Olivet Good Sheppard Church in Paterson, NJ where Elder Levi Gurley was the pastor.

Elder Wendell Fleetwood moved to South Carolina and joined Bishop Jones and Elder MacArthur for about 3 years. Elder Wendell Fleetwood moved back to Paterson New Jersey and re-joined The Olivet Good Sheppard Church. In 1983 God led Elder Wendell Fleetwood to the Greater Bible Way Church Worldwide, Inc, in Paterson, NJ where he served for over 22years, and where Apostle Franklin Pettiford is the pastor. Elder Wendell Fleetwood was a brother, Jr. Deacon, Sr. Deacon and elevated to, Minister Wendell Fleetwood in 2002. While serving under Apostle and Mother Pettiford he served and Assisted Apostle Pettiford at the church and on outgoing engagements, Trustee, Ministerial board / served Holy communion, Servant/ HELP (wherever needed) ministry, brotherhood Vice President, brotherhood President, and The Baptismal committee where Elder Fleetwood baptized many SOULS in Jesus Name. Elder Fleetwood also did outreach ministry in a Men’s, Woman’s, Boy’s and Girl’s Shelter home. He also, mentored and counseled at Y.A.P program along with his wife, Evangelist Fleetwood. Elder Wendell Fleetwood attended The RN Jones Memorial School of Christian Education Bible School and Ministerial Training Institute Bible College and majored in Christian Education/Evangelism and Theology. Elder Fleetwood has received in addition to his education many certificates in Evangelism, General Bible, Counseling, Record Keeping, Pastoral and Leadership training.

In 2005, God allowed Pastor Fleetwood to retire from, The Housing Authority in NJ, where he worked for 23 years. God led The Fleetwood family to Knightdale, NC where they served in ministry under Pastor and Lady Dyrek Bridges- Shekinah Glory and Unity in Christ under Apostle and Lady Tyrone Smith. In 2011 Minister Wendell Fleetwood was Ordained Elder Wendell Fleetwood. In 2013 Pastor Wendell and Evangelist Kimberly Fleetwood were appointed, anointed, consecrated and sent out to do a work for God in Knightdale, NC. Pastor and Evangelist Fleetwood have a passion for all SOULS. Pastor and Evangelist Fleetwood have also adopted one son who was baptized in Jesus name and filled with the Holy Ghost.

Pastor Wendell Fleetwood is a devoted husband and happily married to his one and only wife (Good thing), partner in ministry and love of his life that God ordained for him, Evangelist Kimberly Fleetwood. They were married on October 24th, 1987. To this union God has blessed Pastor Fleetwood to Father 4 children. (3 Daughters and 1 Son) Konasha, Ashley, Jennifer and James.