Lady Kimberly Fleetwood serves and assists her husband and Pastor; Pastor Fleetwood in the ministry. Lady Fleetwood was born and raised in Paterson, NJ to Deacon Walter and Mother Scarlet Verner. Lady Fleetwood was brought up and raised in the house of God by her parents. Lady Fleetwood grew up in and served for over 38 years at The Greater Bible Way Church Worldwide, Inc, in Paterson, NJ where Apostle Franklin Pettiford is the pastor. At the age of 9 Lady Fleetwood was baptized in Jesus Name and was filled with the Holy Ghost at age 12. Lady Fleetwood served in many capacities under the leadership of Apostle and Mother Pettiford who are also her Godparents. Lady Fleetwood served on the Children’s, Young Adult, Combine, Bishop’s, and Interfaith Choir, Jr. and Sr. Usher Board, Jr. and Sr. Missionary board, Sunday School Teacher, Ordained Minister, Ordained Evangelist, Director of the Children’s Ministry, Youth President, Diocese and District Youth Leader, National Convention Children’s Ministry Leader, National Sunday School Teacher/Seminar leader, Baptismal Committee, Kitchen aide and assisted her husband with cleaning the church. Lady Fleetwood along with her husband did outreach ministry at the Men’s, Women’s and Children’s Shelter. Lady Fleetwood also, mentored and counseled at Y.A.P program along with her husband, Pastor Fleetwood.

Lady Fleetwood moved to South Carolina for about one and half years and joined Bible Way Church in Georgetown, SC where Bishop John Smith, Jr. is the pastor. She served as the Youth President and a choir member. On October 24th, 1987 she married Elder Fleetwood and returned back to Paterson, NJ and rejoined Greater Bible Way Church in Paterson, NJ. Lady Fleetwood attended Montclair State University, The RN Jones Memorial School of Christian Education and Ministerial Training Institute Bible College and graduated with A Bachelor of Science Degree in Christian Education and Theology.

Lady Fleetwood has also received many certificates in Evangelism, General Bible, Counseling, Record Keeping, Pastoral and Leadership training.

Lady Fleetwood also served on the Ministerial, Trustee board, Youth and Children’s ministry under the Leadership of Pastor and Lady Dyrek Bridges- Shekinah Glory(Raleigh) and Unity in Christ under Apostle and Lady Tyrone Smith(Garner) in North Carolina.

Lady Fleetwood currently serves in the ministry wherever she is needed and enjoys the ministry that God has allowed them to be servants to.

Lady Fleetwood is a great example of a virtuous woman. She heads Sister2sister monthly as an outreach ministry and a Youth Development outreach ministry. Lady Kimberly Fleetwood loves and enjoys serving her devoted husband Elder Fleetwood of 28 years at home and spending quality time with their loving children and family.